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Insulation Police insulated this house 7 years ago.
The homeowner is now developing the basement and asked to do thermal scan as he believed the insulation had settled. He is an architect.
After a thorough thermal scan there was only two spots the size of a dollar bill that showed cold, so the Wallbar did not settle at all. It is an amazing product.
A proven system that when installed properly is the best thermal and accoustical insulation on the market for the past 100 years.
Keep your agricultural buildings warm all year round and save on heating costs!

A physiotherapy office underneath a daycare?

Time for some major soundproofing.

Time for the Insulation Police!

Unearthing the hidden potential of your attic begins with removing old and inefficient fiberglass insulation. Say goodbye to high energy bills and hello to a more comfortable home.

Unlock the key to a more energy-efficient and healthier living environment with a well-insulated attic. Your home’s future comfort and savings await!

Cutting Walls To Replace Fiberglass With Cellulose

Replacing fiberglass insulation in the walls of this home. Old, ineffective fiberglass is removed from the wall cavity after cutting access around the home. New cellulose is blown into the walls. The walls are then closed back up and get new parging. The home is ready for winter, and the fiberglass insulation is ready for the landfill!



Double-Wide Modular Home Insulation

Double-wide modular home, Fiberglass stuffed into the attic, nearly impossible to get fiberglass batts installed properly. Staining on the ceiling inside the home.

Insulation Police is pulling out 70% of the fiberglass, installing Weathershield. Installing insulation stops to prevent insulation from blocking the soffit vents, removing hoses blowing into the soffits and putting exhaust through the roof.

Like removing a polyester blanket and installing a down-filled blanket in this home

Another Load of Fiberglass Insulating The Landfill

Glass is a conductor, and should not be used in insulation projects. Fibrous material is hazardous to human health and while a link to cancer is not established, it is reasonable to use caution and remove.

Cellulose VS Fiberglass


Spray Foam Insulation on Trailer Skirt

Spray Foam Insulation On Trailer Skirt
Spray Foam Insulation On Trailer Skirt

One WARM Garage

Insulation Police Ltd installed perfectly fit, dense WallBAR cellulose insulation in this Edmonton garage. Now it won’t lose heat, no matter how cold it gets!

Cold Bay Window

The fiberglass in this bay window was full of live bumble bee nests and mouse nests. The owner was wondering how they were getting into the house.

This area is now blown tight with the Wallbar high density thermal and accoustical insulation system.

Fire, rodent, insect and mildew resistant. It will be warm this winter and rodent and insect free for the life of the owner’s home.

Removal Of Ineffective Fibreglass Insulation

Blowing Insulation In A Vaulted Roof

Warming A Crawl Space

Crawl space insulation with cellulose and 2 lb spray foam.
A Lomanco crawl space humidity controlled fan installed to move warm summer air threw the crawl space to dry it out in summer months

This crawl space was insulated 10 years ago with no issues of having cold floors which is common for dirt exposed crawl spaces. This is because of limited room from the ground to the floor. Cellulose was blown between the dirt and wood floor.

Insulation Stops

This pre-1975 home has no insulation stops in the attic. We pull back the wood chips, install chutes and fibreglass at upper wall plate so no insulation can blow into the soffit.

We have densely packed cellulose at the attic edges for a maximum R-value where there is only 3.5 inches of room from roof to wall.

Professional and Expert Insulation Installer in Edmonton

Insulation Police Ltd., has been operating in Edmonton and surrounding areas since 1995, Owner/Operator Greg Chacalias has been providing exceptional customer service in the insulation industry, certified in spay on polyurethane foam, and specialize in the Weathershield cellulose insulation system-the most environmentally friendly insulation product on the market today.

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